Sergio Benitez

Hey! I'm Sergio. I'm a computer science PhD student at Stanford. I graduated from MIT.
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Here's a bit more detail...

I love reading about, thinking about, designing, building, and most of all, understanding operating systems, cryptosystems, and programming languages. I've worked on a range of projects in the past, from designing anomaly detection algorithms at Google, to developing new languages for programming robots at MIT, to working on operating systems that operate rockets and spacecraft at SpaceX.

I spend my time researching topics related to operating systems at Stanford, where I've been working on my PhD since Fall, 2014. I was at MIT before that.
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Places I've worked at
  • At SpaceX I worked with the platform team to improve the boot times of flight hardware. This involved changes to the bootloader, kernel, its drivers, its initialization systems, and the flight software runtime.
  • At Apple I worked under the Mac OS X team to improve the performance of search in Apple Mail. As a result, search queries run 4x faster on average on OS X 10.9+.
  • At Google I worked with the Gmail performance team to decrease server downtime by detecting anomalous behavior before they failed. I designed and implemented an original anomaly detection algorithm based on local outlier factors.
  • I've founded or developed the technical foundation for a couple of technologically oriented companies.
Find me online

You can send me an email s{lastname} at, find me on GitHub at SergioBenitez or check out my LinkedIn.

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